A bit about me


I've been a photographer for a wee while now. In fact quite a big wee while.

I originally studied art and design in my home town, Dundee, leaning heavily towards photography in the process. On leaving college my first job was as an artist/process camera operator, followed by a 4 day week then redundancy. After 10 months hunting for work I was fortunate to get work with Tayside Police as a fingerprint technician, taking mug shots alongside the fingerprint work.

I got my first proper, full time photography job in 1984, as a scientific photographer with the Scottish Crop Research Institute. I stayed in that job for 18 years before taking on a large portrait franchise with a studio based in Aberdeen.

I opened my own portrait studio, based in central Dundee in 2007.

I now have a studio within the WASPS artists complex in Dundee.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss a possible commission, buy prints or have any other queries please call me on 07929213865, email gregor@gregormenzies.com or leave a message in the form below and I'll get back to you.